"Thank you to Naomi for sharing her incredible insights into the ins and outs of casting, financing, and producing her feature, Bite Me, with NYC Women Filmmakers. I've learned more about how features are made in the 2 hours of her frank and hilarious workshop than I have over the past 5 years!  I'd highly recommend her workshop for anyone planning a feature journey of their own." - Cidney Hue, Founder, NYC Women FIlmmakers

"Speaking to Naomi was nothing short of a relief. As a young-ish producer entering the indie arena for the first time in my career, I was overwhelmed by the extremely enigmatic process of sourcing funding for a project I've poured my heart and soul into. Naomi was patient and kind, but unafraid to be completely transparent about the reality of my goals. She has clearly taken the time to vet the multiple financing strategies available to indie productions, and when she shares her knowledge it comes from a place of empathy and experience. Not only did she answer my questions honestly and thoroughly, she came prepared with answers to questions I didn't even know to ask. It's rare to meet someone so open to sharing the fruits of their intellectual labors in such a competitive landscape, and her value to those wracking their brains for answers to the toughest industry questions cannot be overstated." - Ashley Sather

NOTE: All classes take place virtually via Zoom video conferencing. During the Covid-19 crisis, Naomi is offering her classes on a pay-what-you-can basis where possible and at steeply discounted rates everywhere else. Her hope is that, by this method, these offerings might not only help her pay her rent and bills, but also give access to others who may also be experiencing diminished incomes. Her hope is that, for those who are able, this time becomes an opportunity to to dig deep, get creative, and prepare each of our stories and projects for the time after this disruption, when the ground will be riper than ever for revolution.

Two-Hour Workshops

Film Festivals & Distribution: You've Finished Your Film, Now What?

Thursday, June 11 - 7:30-9:30pm ET

Okay, you've finished your film (or will soon)? So...now what? The world of film festivals and distribution is dizzying and opaque - and grows more so with each passing day. Most filmmakers fling their projects blindly into this system without a clear understanding of how it works, how that would achieve their goals, or...even what the goal of any of this actually is in the first place. With distribution and sales company popping in and out of existence left and right, revenue models shifting radically, and an industry-wide lack of clarity on how indie films are going to make money in the future (only 3% of films that get into one of the top 5 film festivals actually make money)...it's time for filmmakers to gain education in how this system is even supposed to work...

$30 or Pay-What-You-Can


Indie Film Development: How to Pull Your Movie Into Existence

Wednesday, June 24 - 7:30-9:30pmET

You want to make a feature film (or maybe a short or web-series or pilot)! You have a screenplay...now what happens? How do you get it off the ground? You’re just one or two people with a script and a dream! How do you actually pull a film into existence out of nothing?

In this two-hour class, Naomi McDougall Jones teaches all of the practical information that it took her two years of begging people for coffee dates to learn when she was making her first feature Imagine I'm Beautiful.

$30 or Pay-What-You-Can


Practical Film Finance: What you Need to Know to Talk to Investors about Your Movie

Thursday, July 9 - 7:30-9:30pmET

In this two-hour class Naomi McDougall Jones gives a clear and easy to understand run down of what filmmakers need to understand about investing in order to speak to potential investors. The class will cover financing structures, different "types" of money, potential revenue streams, recoupment corridors and waterfalls (i.e. how would they make their money back), and more. Don't worry, though, this class is not as boring as it sounds - it's a simple explanation that will help you understand stuff that isn't rocket science, but is really helpful to understand before you ask people for money.

$30 or Pay-What-You-Can


Creative Distribution - It's Time to Re-Think the Model

Monday, July 27 - 7:30-9:30pmET

In Summer 2019, Naomi moved into an RV and embarked on a 3-month, 40-city, 51-screening Joyful Vampire Tour of America to release her second feature film Bite Me direct-to-fans and see whether she and her team could invent a new model for independent film distribution. On the road, they gained an up-close, nitty-gritty understanding of the current distribution landscape, including how to market to audiences today, the horror stories of other filmmakers who put their films through traditional distribution models, and how online sales (TVOD, SVOD, etc) interact with in-person screenings. In this class, Naomi will pull the veil back fully on everything they did right, everything they did wrong, and, most importantly, the foundational lessons they learned about how indie filmmakers should be thinking about distribution today. She will also share how, following the tour, her team parlayed the success of their in-person screenings into six offers from traditional sales agents and distributors and ultimately landed a domestic and international sales deal. Naomi offers radical, out-of-the box thinking and invites filmmakers to reconsider continuing to pump their films into the current system of distribution that is rapidly vanishing under our feet.

$30 or Pay-What-You-Can



Multi-Week Intensive Series

Naomi McDougall Jones knows what she is doing. 

She understands the anxieties, blocks and unexpected twists and turns that are a part of the writing process.

She knows how to help you get out of the way of yourself and get it done,

She can help you with structure, conflict, dialogue, character and pace.

She is accessible, supportive and well-equipped to handle a group of writers all writing at a different pace and with different styles.

She has a great sense of wonder and a great sense of humor.

If you just always wanted to write a screenplay, this is the course for you.

-Vicki Gohl, Student, Screenwriting Intensive I

Screenwriting Intensive I: Write a Feature Film in 8 Weeks

Eight classes weekly

Sundays from May 17-July 5 (SOLD OUT)


Saturdays from September 12 - October 31

12-3pmEDT (group will meet for 2-3 hours each week, depending on class size)

Been sitting on that screenplay idea for years? Never known how to begin? Started the first ten pages seven times, but never finished? Don't even have an idea, but have the desire to write a feature film? Well...while you're responsibly staying home during the Covid-19 outbreak, do like Shakespeare did with King Lear while he was quarantined for the plague, and sit yourself down to write your masterpiece!

In an intensive, collaborative, intimate-class format, Naomi McDougall Jones will lead a maximum of 10 students through the process of inspiration, idea/concept honing, character and plot development, outlining, first "vomit draft" re-writing and then, of course, the critical re-writing, all in a condensed 8-week process...

8 student maximum

$575 (discounted)

2 Pay-What-You-Can slots available on a first-come-first-serve basis


Screenwriting Intensive II: Re-Write and Polish

Eight weekly classes on Saturdays from June 6 - August 1 (skipping July 4) - SOLD OUT

12-3pmEDT (group will meet for 2-3 hours each week, depending on class size)

Have a first (or second or third or seventh) draft of a screenplay or pilot, but can't seem to bring it across the finish line? Need mentorship, collaboration, or simply deadlines to be able to hone and get it production ready?

In an intensive, collaborative, intimate-class format, Naomi McDougall Jones will lead a maximum of 6 students through the process or re-writing and polishing their scripts. Over the eight classes, Naomi will help students develop and strengthen their editing process, provide direct feedback on student's scripts, create inter-student in-class collaboration and feedback, and, generally, guide students as they work to level-up their process and work.

6 student maximum

$575 (discounted)

1 Pay-What-You-Can slot available on a first-come-first-serve basis


Indie Development Intensive: Complete Your Investor Materials, Lookbook, Funding and Distribution Plan, and Pitch in 6 Weeks

Six classes weekly

Tuesdays from June 16 - July 21

7-10pmEDT (group will meet for 2-3 hours each week, depending on class size)

You've got a screenplay, but how on earth are you going to make this film happen? How does one actually pull a film into existence? Why did they not teach us this in film school???

Well...while you're responsibly staying home during the Covid-19 outbreak, let Naomi McDougall Jones guide you through the development process for your movie - working in an intensive, intimate class format to work with a maximum of 10 students to develop everything they need to go out and start raising financing.

Students will leave the class with*:

  • A logline and synopsis

  • An investor packet

  • A lookbook

  • An understanding of film finance and a personalized plan for how to go out and raise theirs

  • An understanding of the film festival and distribution landscape and an initial plan for their project, so as to be able to integrate before production

  • A polished verbal "elevator pitch" for the project and an understanding of how to pitch in a longform setting with financiers

*Assuming they complete the extracurricular assignments

10 student maximum

$375 (discounted)

2 Pay-What-You-Can slots available on a first-come-first-serve basis




Naomi has a wealth of knowledge of how this industry works and an incredible teaching energy that makes you feel like wherever you are at with your project or in your career, you are in the exact right place.  She reminds you that filmmaking is accessible, community-based, and navigable with transparency and an openness that is rare in this business.

Jeanette Bonner, Student, Indie Development Intensive


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