"Thank you to Naomi for sharing her incredible insights into the ins and outs of casting, financing, and producing her feature, Bite Me, with NYC Women Filmmakers. I've learned more about how features are made in the 2 hours of her frank and hilarious workshop than I have over the past 5 years!  I'd highly recommend her workshop for anyone planning a feature journey of their own." - Cidney Hue, Founder, NYC Women FIlmmakers

"Speaking to Naomi was nothing short of a relief. As a young-ish producer entering the indie arena for the first time in my career, I was overwhelmed by the extremely enigmatic process of sourcing funding for a project I've poured my heart and soul into. Naomi was patient and kind, but unafraid to be completely transparent about the reality of my goals. She has clearly taken the time to vet the multiple financing strategies available to indie productions, and when she shares her knowledge it comes from a place of empathy and experience. Not only did she answer my questions honestly and thoroughly, she came prepared with answers to questions I didn't even know to ask. It's rare to meet someone so open to sharing the fruits of their intellectual labors in such a competitive landscape, and her value to those wracking their brains for answers to the toughest industry questions cannot be overstated." - Ashley Sather

One-on-One Coaching/Consulting

In one-on-one sessions we can cover any combination of topics. The work and information is entirely directed towards your specific questions, needs, and situation. Tell me what help, advice, guidance, and/or information you need and we'll make it happen. Below are some of the things on which I most frequently work with people.


I can help you think and work through a short or feature-length film project at any stage from the seed of the idea to marketing and distributing it.

  • Development – How to choose the right project and then get it out of the gate, putting together the best creative team, deciding on a budget level

  • Budget Levels – What does it mean to make a micro-budget film v. a more-than-micro-budget film v. an upward-of-$1M-film? What are the pros and cons to each and what will each mean for your eventual film? Which is right for your project?

  • Financing - What are the different types of financing structures and possibilities? How does my budget level affect what type of financing I should go after? How do you go about raising each one? What materials do you need for each? (I can also review your existing materials) Everything you need to know about film finance before speaking with a potential investor.

  • Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production - Advice on everything you need to know A-Z about getting your project through production and post-production, including resource, crew, and actor recommendations

  • Festivals, Marketing, and Distribution - Yep, that is a whole big conversation and one that can feel pretty overwhelming after the marathon of getting your project to this point. Don't worry - it's not rocket science. It just takes a little strategy, planning, and, yes, more work. I can help you navigate all of that.



I have successfully run 5 separate crowd-funding campaigns for my own projects (ranging from $700 - $35,000) and have consulted on dozens more for other people. What I have learned is that it is not as mystical as it may seem. There are extremely clear strategies, psychologies, and plans that work and classic rookie mistakes to avoid. Let me demystify it for you and help you develop your budget goal, plan, and materials.


Want to just talk big picture career stuff? How do you get from where you are to the work that you want to be doing? Want to talk about something else completely that you think I might know something about? I'm game.



1-Hour One-on-One Session

via Skype, phone, or Zoom


On any topic listed above, or any combination therein, based on your specific situation, needs, and questions.


4-Hour One-on-One Package

via Skype, phone, or Zoom


Frequently one session doesn't cover all of the information you might want and/or you'll find that you have different questions over the life of a project as it reaches new and different phases. We can cluster these 4 sessions together to get you going strong out of the gate, or we can stretch them out over time so that you only have to focus on  the information that you need for the steps immediately in front of you.


Email Coaching


Two personalized and in-depth email exchanges in which I can answer questions, offer advice and strategy, connect with you resources based on your specific needs and questions.

Script Work

I can provide specific and thorough notes and feedback on film, television, and web scripts. I read scripts from a holistic perspective: assessing big-picture structural issues, character depth/truth/honesty, overall impact, themes, and messages, as well as detail work on things like dialogue, scene structure, and, if desired, assessing elements for budgetary impact.

I bring, not only my own experience as a professional writer - having had 7 plays and 2 feature films produced, written for The New Yorker Presents for Amazon, and sold a TV pilot/show bible - but also my 4 years as the Artistic Director of Theater Masters, during which I gave notes on hundreds of scripts and engaged in feedback discussions with writers. 

Naomi's notes were so thorough and insightful that I wondered if she may have spent more time on my script than I had! The beauty of Naomi's feedback, is that it not only includes useful advice on character, story structure, and the like, but she asks wonderful questions that help you sharpen your focus on what you are actually trying to accomplish with your project and your script.

-Celey Schumer


In-Depth Script Notes via Email


In-depth notes and feedback on your script delivered via email.

Short or half-hour pilot: $250


Feature or hour-long pilot: $400


In-Depth Script Notes plus

One-on-One Session


In-depth notes and feedback on your script delivered in a 1-hour one-on-one session via skype, phone, or zoom so that you can ask follow-up questions and talk out new ideas that may arise.


Short or half-hour pilot: $350




Feature or hour-long pilot: $500


Script Doctor or 



I am also available to work as a script doctor or writer for hire. 

For rates and more information, please reach out to my manager

Joanne Zippel (

Note that I am WGA, so all rates will need to comply with their minimum standards



Need more information before signing up? Having trouble with payment? Have something else to ask? Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you soon!

One-on-One Coaching/Consulting


Naomi has worked with the playwrights and actors from Dreyfoos School of the Arts for several years. Not only are her notes specific and insightful, they are geared to accelerate growth and achievement. Naomi  is able to excite writers, actors, and technicians alike, with questions that ask the artist to re-examine the perspective with which they have been approaching their work. She does this while simultaneously keeping them aware of the importance of their self within the work. Naomi has an ability to actively engage artists while offering a fresh way of looking at the world they are creating. She is a joy to work with. 

-Brad Barfield 


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