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The stories we tell - whether as professional storytellers, entrepreneurial founders, or industry leaders sharing the story of our work - create the framework that becomes our reality. Over the last century, we as individuals and a society have been shaped by broken stories told by broken leaders, delivered to us through broken systems. A more beautiful future can only be called into existence through regenerative stories told by healed leaders, delivering their work through healthy, ethical, sustainable systems.

In January 2023, we launched our inaugural 10-person Regenerative Creation Cohort, creating a container for those creators to become those leaders weaving our way to a more beautiful future through creating and sharing their work regeneratively.

Whether you are a filmmaker setting out to make a film, a writer embarking on a book or screenplay, or a business leader looking to launch a new company or project, as part of the Regenerative Creation Cohort, you will spend an entire year, not only birthing your new project in a supported environment, guided by Charlene and Naomi, but also pioneering with us collectively into the question of what it looks like to create and deliver your work to the world in ways that are radically regenerative, ethical,  sustainable - and hopeful.

Registration for our January 2023 Cohort has now closed. You can find out more about upcoming Cohorts with our Free Masterclasses, or sign up below to be added to our waitlist and be notified of the next upcoming Cohort HERE.

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