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From January 2017 through June 2018, Naomi hosted a weekly podcast, Fear(ful)less: Filmmaking From the Edge. The show was a weekly window into the successes, failures, and adventures of an independent filmmaker. Every week, Naomi worked to bust the myth of the “overnight success” by pulling back the curtain on her real struggles, real wins, and real conversations as she attempted to crack the nuts and bolts of breaking through in Hollywood, and, hopefully, take down the white patriarchy in the process.


Naomi unpacked the “middle years” of an artist and entrepreneur, as she shared the in-the-trenches, nitty-gritty journey of making her first two feature films Imagine I’m Beautiful and Bite Me, while also interviewing a broad range of folks connected to the film industry - including Naomi Grossman, Sonja O’Hara, Peter Lalish, Maria Giese, Jack Lechner, and many more – about their own struggles, victories, and experiences.  

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