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Support my work through Patreon

The simplest way to financially support my work (other than paying to watch my movies or read my book) is by joining my Patreon community. 


For as little as $5/per monthyou get access to a whole bunch of other perks and offerings, including:


  • Office Hours/Group Coaching - Naomi answers the community's questions and requests for advice for one hour 

  • Inside the Desk Of - Naomi shares an update about what she's working on and thinking about

  • Coffee Roulette - Enjoy a 30-minute conversation with a randomly assigned fellow community member and expand your network, meet a friend or future collaborator, or gain a new perspective on life, the universe, and everything

  • Quarterly Equinox/Solstice Intention-Setting Gathering - Come gather for a one hour intention-setting ritual for the upcoming season; consider what to pick up, what to set down, and how you want to travel 

  • Movie of the Month - Get a recommendation from Naomi of a great movie to watch by a female filmmaker 


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