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BITE ME is a subversive romantic comedy about a real-life vampire and the IRS agent who audits her.

Following its 2019 Cinequest premiere and after winning Best Feature Film at VTXIFF, Bite Me received a ground-breaking release in the form of a 51-screening, 40-city, 3-month, RV-fueled Joyful Vampire Tour of America from May-August 2019. 


Imangine I'm beautiful horiozontal.jpg

IMAGINE I'M BEAUTIFUL is a “haunting and empathetic” psychological drama that dissects the fine line between self-invention and destruction.

The film received a 10-city theatrical and digital release and is now available on AmazonPrime.

Bite Me
Imaine I'm Beautiful
Hammond Castle - Cover Image.png

In this fairytale for grown-ups, a 7-month pregnant failed actress becomes entangled with the power-hungry ghost of a long forgotten inventor hell-bent on fame. He draws her into a glamorous, ghost-filled fantasy and together they hatch a dangerous plan to secure both their legacies... at a terrible cost.


Writer: Naomi McDougall Jones

Directors: Nat & Veronica Moonhill

Producers: Lindsay Lanzillotta & Deniz Gumustas

Executive Producer: Jack Lechner

Planned to film in 2024

Hammond Castle
Control Room - Key Image.png

In this erotic thriller, a woman returns to her hometown after the death of a friend, only to find herself embroiled with a mysterious couple at the local nuclear facility.


Writers: Christian Coulson & Naomi McDougall Jones

Director: Catherine Eaton

Planned to film in 2023

Hammond Castle
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