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At the moment, the classes I am offering are online and self-directed - a combination of pre-recorded videos and workbooks. The advantage to this format is that I can offer the classes at a more affordable price and you can take them whenever you want, fully at your own convenience and pace. Once you purchase the class, the videos and workbook are yours forever, so you can go back and re-visit them as often as needed. ​

If you are looking for live feedback, advice, or supplemental teaching, I would recommend pairing the courses with some one-on-one coaching (scroll down). 

It is likely that I will offer live group classes again in the future, so check back here for those!

NOTE: Once you purchase a course, I will send you an email with the course files and information.


This class is the one that I wish had existed before I made my first film - one in which the entire process of filmmaking (development through marketing and distribution) is demystified and broken down into understandable and actionable steps. 

In this class you will:

  • Craft a compelling logline and synopsis for your film

  • Create your business plan and investor packet, designed to clearly communicate with potential financiers and partners

  • Develop a lookbook that captures the story, imagery, and creative vision for your project

  • Learn how to build the right "Yellow Brick Road" team and where to find them

  • Design a strategy to cast your film in a way that is supportive of your goals

  • Develop a deep understanding of film finance and create a plan to raise financing for your project

  • Learn the ins and outs of the film festival and distribution landscape while crafting an initial plan for your project - one you can start implementing before production

  • Hone an "elevator pitch" for your project and develop an understanding of how to pitch in a long-form setting with investors


for 12 Modules + Workbook + Sample Investor Materials and Business Plan

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Ernest Hemingway famously said, "The first draft of anything is shit." 


That is true. It is also true that the first draft is what you need to get on the page before you can begin the process of turning your screenplay from a piece of creative inspiration into the masterpiece that you know, someday, it can be.

This course gets you off the starting block and into your creative process, as I lead you through creating a writing process and, with videos and workbooks, lead you through writing a first draft of your screenplay in 8 weeks.


for 8 weeks worth of videos, coursework, and worksheets to bring you to a first full draft of your screenplay

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Practical Film Finance 101

Here you will...

  • Learn about different types of Film Finance

  • Understand how each might apply (or not) to your project

  • Design a customized plan for how you will get your project financed


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Practical Film Finance 102

Here you will...

  • Learn how to understand film recoupment corridors and talk about them with potential investors (i.e. how does a film investor make money back?)

  • Understand standard film investor offer terms and how to communicate them

  • Develop your own customized recoupment corridor and investor offer terms to be able to approach investors


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Purchase Practical Film Finance 101 and 102 as a bundle for a discount!


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One-on-one coaching sessions are customized to meet your needs! Whether you are looking to supplement one of the courses above, get advice on a specific project, practice pitching to investors or collaborators, want to talk out a screenplay or book idea, or just want to pick my brain about all things filmmaking, film development, film finance, investing, screenwriting, and/or book writing - we can spend our hour together however will best support you!

NOTE: Once you purchase your session(s), I will email you to schedule our appointment and/or request a draft of your screenplay to read if you have purchased a notes session.


One-on-One Coaching
(1-Hour Session)

One 1-hour customized session (video call or phone)


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One-On-One Coaching
(Four 1-Hour Sessions)

Four 1-hour customized sessions (video call or phone)


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In-Depth Script Read + Video Call Session 

An in-depth read and assessment of your screenplay or pilot in advance of a 1-hour video call session for notes/feedback/discussion


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Book Doula & Book Writing Support

I served as the Book Doula, Editor, and writing and narrative support for the non-fiction book Beloved Economies during 2021-2022. 

I have also ghost-written several books - in whole or in part.

If you are interested in any combination of these services, please reach out for a consultation and discussion! References available.

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