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From May to August 2019, Naomi and her team took her second feature film, Bite Me, on a whimsical 51-screening, 40-city, 3-month, RV-fueled tour of the United States. Their goal was to innovate how independent films are distributed, by taking the power back from the gatekeepers and exploring a direct-to-fan model that included event-based screenings, audience members in costume, Joyful Vampire Balls, 13,0001 miles driven in RV, and expansive lessons on the state of film distribution and viewership today.  


The entire tour and distribution experience was documented in real-time via an entertaining, hilarious, and informative weekly YouTube series made by filmmaker Kiwi Callahan and is available on YouTube . 


To read Naomi’s re-cap of lessons learned, visit her post on Seed&Spark HERE . 

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